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These pages were last updated Monday, September 1st, 2014.

Recently I have been taking a look at GNU COBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL), which looks like the free COBOL for Windows that I've been waiting for all these years. There will be a link for it below.

I am now able to serve .zip files. For anyone interested, here is a version of the Unix CAL.EXE calendar utility, reimplemented in PowerBasic as PBCAL.EXE for Windows XP or 64-bit Windows 7. (Right click or click the link and choose "Save As..." to download this file.)
PBCAL.ZIP for Windows XP and Windows 7

As of Sun-21-Feb-2010, I have moved my pages to, since my previous provider no longer supports personal web pages. I can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

I haven't spent as much time as I would like to on each of the various Linux Live CD's, Knoppix, MEPIS, PCLinuxOS, and Ubuntu, but I am leaning towards Ubuntu. It seems to work better as a desktop replacement for Windows than the others when booted as a live CD. But there are always upgraded versions of MEPIS and PCLinuxOS that I still need to try. In 2007 I finally replaced Netscape with Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird as my default browser and mail/news reader. And I've been trying to play the guitar again, but it is difficult to find enough time to practice. A good friend gave me a Fender Squire Stratocaster as an incentive.

Occasionally I receive emails from programmers in India with COBOL questions, which is very gratifying to me. I hope the comments I provide to other working programmers are helpful.

For original work, I recommend my page on "COBOL Runtime Efficiency", which includes links to some additional performance anecdotes (including Leif Svalgaard's excellent article on Sorting Algorithms). The Programming Resources page has been updated to include links to "" and the "Hybrid XE Editor" (an SPF clone) for PC. There is also a sample COBOL program for converting IBM OS/VS COBOL source code to IBM VS/COBOL II source code.

You can read about distributed denial of service attacks at the Gibson Research Corporation website. I recommend this site to anyone with concerns about Internet privacy and security.

Please feel free to contact me at the following address:


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